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The Best Self-Defense Tool for Women (and Men Too)

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Pink Tatikey self-defense tool in a girl's hand.

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I’m so excited to share with you today about the coolest little self-defense tool I have! It was made by a local, Christian company called Tactikey and they partner with another Christian company called M3 Tactical Tech (Creators of the Raptool, which you can read about HERE).I’ve been carrying it everywhere with me because I attached it to my keyring. It’s great because it’s a little plastic T-sleeve that I put a Kwikset brand key into, and now I have a punching weapon. The other day, when I went to the courthouse for jury duty, I got this into the building because it was on my keyring. It literally goes with me everywhere my keys go. I also like it because when I’m walking from work to my car at night, I can carry it and know that I’m safe (I wish I had this while I was backpacking Europe, but that’s another story).

Easy Setup:

This Tactikey is so easy to set up. I simply went to the Home Depot to buy a Kwikset brand key. I got home, slipped the key into the pink T-sleeve pocket, and I suddenly had a punch weapon! The last thing I did was to attach it to my keyring, and I was good to go. It’s nice because doesn’t look like a weapon at all, it’s just a sleeve for your key so that you’re able to hold it better.

Easy to use:

After I set up my Tactikey, I tried holding it in my hands a few different ways to see what felt most comfortable for me. I needed to make sure that in the event that I would have to use it, I would hold it correctly without breaking my thumb. The way that felt most comfortable for me to hold it was between my pointer and middle finger; however, I’ve seen people hold it between their middle and ring finger. Once I figured out the best way to hold it, I wanted to test it out… (I think we all know where this is going… Haha). I went to my brother’s room and told him I wanted to show him something. I showed him the Tactikey and told him how it works. He messed with it a bit and was really excited about it. I asked him if I could test it on him… For some reason, he said yes (big mistake 😂).


Place the Tactikey between your pointer and middle fingers like this for self-defense.

Effective for self-defense:

The way that I tested the Tactikey on my brother was by lightly pretending to punch him between the arm and chest so that the key never actually touched his body. We did this to see how sturdy it would be in the event that you would need to use it. When I let him try it out, he went to punch his hand softly. He said it hurt really bad and that nobody will want to be hit with it…nor would they know what hit them! Haha.


Curl your fingers around the Tactikey in a punching position like so.

Easy to Conceal:

Another reason I like the Tactikey so much is that it is extremely small. I can fit it in my pocket, in my purse (that thing is a black hole I swear) and virtually anywhere else. Also, since it’s a sleeve for your key, if somebody did see it, nobody would suspect that it’s a weapon. It’s pretty great. As I mentioned earlier, I attached mine to my keychain with the rest of my keys so now it goes with me whenever I leave the house. No matter what, whether I have it in my hand or put away, nobody suspects that it’s a weapon (because it’s for self-defense). And if they did, nobody can take away your keys, so that’s always good. I wish I had this in Europe because there was an instance where M and I were at a train station in the middle of the night and we felt that we needed protection in case someone attacked us. It would’ve been perfect because it’s small and concealable but it packs a punch (get it? lol).


Side view of how to hold the Tactikey for use in self-defense.

Bring it Anywhere:

I’m going to say this again, the Tactikey is so small. It’s made of plastic and it’s a sleeve for your house key. Because of this, you can bring it anywhere, even high-security buildings. With the Tactikey, I always have a last line of self-defense no matter where I am. I love the fact that I can even bring it to the airport so that I can have a little something to protect me while I travel from now on. Also, it’s super light-weight so you can bring it with you while working out. Now, I’m not a runner, but I know plenty of people who are. Most of them like to run early in the morning or at night, but they don’t carry anything to defend themselves in case of an emergency (because everything is too heavy). Carrying a Tactikey while running would definitely improve their peace of mind without getting in the way of their workout.

Tactikey self-defense weapon


Basically, Tactikey is a great last-resort self-defense tool for women that I highly recommend! It’s small, concealable, easy to use, and you can bring it EVERYWHERE! Also, it makes your house key easier to identify when you’re in a rush trying to unlock the door but for some reason you keep grabbing the wrong key (who else has done this before? It’s the worst). The Tactikey is also great because they’re only like ten bucks (mine is decked out with a paracord, thanos bead and a bullet bead)…and the best part is, free shipping!!!! You can get one HERE or HERE. It will be the same price either way. Or if you only trust Amazon, you can get it HERE (it’s $12 on Amazon).


What do you use for self-defense? Would you get a Tactikey? Leave a comment and let me know!


Brienna Marie.


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